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Intrathecal Drug Delivery


Implantable drug infusion pumps may be placed for indications, including chronic pain resulting from a variety of medical issues or spasticity, such as with spinal cord injury or multiple sclerosis. An implantable pump can be set to provide continuous or intermittent doses of medication to be delivered to the active pain centers within the spinal cord itself. A catheter conveys the drug from the pump to the spinal fluid space, which bathes the spinal cord. Regular dose adjustment or medication refills to the pump may be required.

Houston Methodist has developed a comprehensive workup system for patients with spasticity, including evaluation by our Neurology or Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation teams, pre-operative trial with a single dose of medication to evaluate for benefit, and seamless transition to surgical pump placement if the trial results are favorable. Dr. Faraji has extensive experience with pump placement and even revision surgery if there are ever issues after placement. For the indication of chronic pain, Dr. Faraji works with a variety of experienced pain management physicians to develop a network for regular medication refills to the pump and for management of an intrathecal pump system closer to a patient's home in the large Houston metro area.

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